‘Job Simulator’ Is Using VR Gaming the Right Way

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chris-littlechild - December 19, 2015

Jobs. Maybe you've heard of them. You might even have one yourself, you talented bastard you. A ‘job' is a thing we do during the day, to fill the gaping void between waking up and going back to sleep. In exchange for going to our ‘job,' we're given money, which we use to buy food. With said food, we have the energy to continue the whole sleep-job-sleep again cycle.

To get a little more specific, jobs can be a real crapshoot. There are good ones –Head Paparazzo in the Catching Sexy Celebrities Tanning Their Teats on the Beach Department—and bad ones. Back in the day over in Merry Old England, for instance, the Groom of the Stool's duty was to help the King take a dump and wipe his ass. That's what happens when you don't join a union.

Now, video games are supposed to entertain. That's kinda their whole deal. Work generally doesn't come up, because we do enough of that in real life. Virtual work? Balls to it. To make this sort of thing fly, you've really got to bring us something special.

Feast your eyes on Job Simulator, fresh from the recent PSX show. The guys and gals at GameSpot donned a VR headseat and… pair of freaky light-up maraca-looking things to try it out. Rest assured that we're using gaming's incoming PlayStation VR/Oculus/Steam VR tech right with this one.

Office jobs are not meant to be this fun:

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