Volleyball Spike Drills Three Opponents in the Face, Becomes Internet Gold

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michael-garcia - December 14, 2012

The last time I posted something about volleyball, it was because a high school girl dropped an opponent with a powerful spike to the face, which then hilariously also tripped up a fan running along the side of the court. Everyone was okay, so it was perfectly fine to laugh. Now we've got a new contender for spike of the year.

Check out the force that this guy puts behind the ball. It screams right past two pair of outstretched arms (nice blocking), goes to the back row where it nails one guy in the face, then proceeds to carom off to the next guys' face, then drill the third back line guy in the face for the impossible trifecta. These guys all stayed on their feet, so clearly they were fine, but if you saw this shot in a movie you'd think it was some crappy CGI work that could never happen in real life.

h/t The Big Lead

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