Victoria’s Secret Model Vita Sidorkina Red Hot in Spring Silky Lingerie

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bill-swift - January 17, 2017

Vita Sidorkina defines blonde hotness. I mean, if dictionaries were helpful another to include such useful terms. The fair haired Russian caught her big break with Victoria's Secret, both walking the runway and working her sextastic into their catalog pimping publications. That lingerie outlet certainly knows how to pick them. It helps when every hot nineteen year old in the world wants to work for you. Or, the exact opposite of how my social life works.

Modeling for Next Lingerie, Vita shows off the simple skills it takes to move a ton of undergarment merch. Be ridiculously hot, slender, and look perfect in panties. It seems so basic, yet the cream of the entrants inevitably rises to the top. So similar in fashion to how the oglers feel leering at Vita in her skivvies. She's a talent alright. Now, how do I invent a reasonably cool sounding phony fashion venture to get her in front of my camera. Necessity is the mother of invention. I'm getting close. Enjoy.