Vita Sidorkina Models Tiny Pink Bikinis

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bill-swift - May 11, 2016

Me and Russian swimsuit model Vita Sidorkina have a special kind of relationship. I lust her ridiculously hot body, write ballads about how it alters the blood flow in anatomical structure, and have a shrine to her more than alluring sweet female form in the basement of my abode. Next to the shrines of my other belusted hotties and also the Maytag washer that gets a workout. In short, it's an honor to be down there.

Vita was modeling tiny pink bikinis on the beach in Miami, presumably for Victoria's Secret or just some lucky bastard who looks official and took the opportunity to ask Vita to kindly strap on a little pink number and pose and preen. Never discount the laminated Bikini Checker badge worn in a lanyard around the neck. Try not to smile when you ask. Vita, you were made for bikinis. Your thumper just gave me a virtual concussion. Enjoy.

 Photo Credit: Splash