Viral Video Load: Stupid LA Marathon Runners and More … (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 22, 2013

It is Thursday, almost the weekend, but not. Just what a Viral Video Load is for; bridging that gap between the boring mundane work week and an awesome drunken weekend of college hoops. These are some of the best, silliest and relevant videos you gotta see - before your parents watch them on Facebook - including runners, foreigners and babies, of course.

Jimmy Kimmel's Cousin Sal at the LA Marathon

For those uninitiated, Los Angeles is the city of angels nightmare traffic. Add to that the LA Marathon - where once a year selfish runners close down half the city so that they can accomplish a "life goal" - and the city is in sheer gridlock. Not that I am up early on a Sunday morning, but if I was, a trip from my driveway to brunch on this particular day would take longer than Taylor Swift's boyfriend getting to second base. So when Jimmy Kimmel sends out his Cousin Sal - the resident prankster on the JKL staff - to taunt, annoy and bombard these runners mid race, I take nothing but pleasure in the shenanigans. Water bottles glued to a table, classic. Jello shots, hilarious. And a "Wheel of Giant Prizes" that never stops spinning, genius!

March Madness Pool

It's March Madness, that time of year where you hang with your bros, drink beer and watch insane amounts of college basketball. If you didn't know that, you are probably the guy featured in this video. Don't be this guy! Your friend's "pool" this time of year would involve them gambling, not your wet fantasy of them in board shorts ...

Russians Don't Need Their Arms

We all know Russians are late to the ball on most everything; space travel and democracy, being a few obvious examples. So when they get ahead of the world in anything, it should be cause for alarm. In this video, it seems those crafty Bond villains have discovered what army cadets everywhere aspire to learn, and something that would make even David Blaine blush ... No handed push ups!

... Nor Do Russians Need Their Legs

Sure, I know what you are thinking, "No arms, big whoop. That one armed rock climber James Franco played in 127 Hours does way sweeter things on a daily basis. It's not like Russians could do sweet moves without functioning legs" ... Challenge accepted!

Skateboarding Baby

I am a big fan of babies, assuming they aren't mine of course. There is something about their naive nature, simplicity and enjoyment in basically all things ever. Enter the Venice boardwalk - part tourist trap, part degenerate hell hole - which would make most people cringe. An innocent baby Ava however, she doesn't care, she is just here to skate, yo!

2013 Dad of the Year

Remember "Tanning Mom"? That lady that put her 5 year old into a tanning bed. We may have found her OkCupid match. A Dad that puts the "beat" in deadbeat. In probably the weakest attempt at exploiting one's child in order to get their 15 minutes of fame, this father "playfully" beats his child, making even Michael Lohan question his parenting skills ...

And there you go, that should have shaved at least 20 minutes off of your Thursday. Now you can go back to streaming college hoops while you pretend to work on a generic spreadsheet.

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