Viral Video Load: Miley Cyrus Twerkin’ and More … (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 23, 2013

Nobody really respects Fridays. They are just kind of there every week, like the Kardashians. No work gets done, and the day is mostly wasted on pointless distractions. So why not squander some of that company time on the Viral Video Load?! These videos are so trendy, they make Ryan Seacrest envious.

Miley Cyrus Twerkin'

For the uninitiated, to "twerk" isn't to work at half your potential, it is one of those silly ass YouTube dance crazes. Hannah Montana seems to have been practicing her twerk, uploading her semi-professional take it on it this week. The interesting part of this video isn't the dance though, it is her outfit choice, a unicorn onesie. The mythical animal one piece kind of makes me feel like watching this is somehow wrong and dirty; not that that's a bad thing ...

Real Life First Person Shooter

GoPro's have become synonymous with douchey snowboarders that want to record their reactions to some lame tricks on the jib box. Rarely are they used to their full potential, except in the case of the latest Biting Elbows music video. The video of course has nothing to do with the song, rather it is just the theme music to an epic real life, James Bond-esque, first person shooter. If you like video games, and blood, and boobs, you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy this little diddy ...

Matt Damon "Dumps" His Toilet

Matt Damon is everywhere these days, from television cameos to political commentary to charity work. All of which serves to humanize the once larger than life star. This video though, doesn't so much humanize him, as it does emasculate him. Resulting from his work with, Damon recently vowed to stop going to the bathroom. Sadly, this put a damper on the relationship between him and his toilet ...

Sports Announcers Breakdown Everything

Sports announcers have some of the easiest jobs in the world. Just look at John Madden, he didn't say a coherent thing in his 20+ years of broadcasting. So at a recent NBA game between the Magic and Pacers, when the cameras caught a seemingly normal dispute between boyfriend and girlfriend over an ice cream cone, it was no surprise the announcers began to break it down ...

Karate Knockout

Remember kids, karate is purely for self defense. All the greats - Steven Seagal, Chuck Norris, Mr. Miyagi - would be gravely disappointed if you used it for anything else. That said, if you have a sweet move up your sleeve karategi like this kid does, I am sure they could understand if you went around town just showing it off to chicks.

Dancing Remote Controlled Airplane

Everyone at some point has bought a crappy remote controlled airplane and/or helicopter from your local shopping center kiosk. It's an impulse buy for dudes, where we envision ourselves piloting some incredible tricks and channeling our inner Maverick from Top Gun. The reality however is the thing usually breaks in a couple minutes, and you move on to surfing the internet. The guy in this video though accomplished what all we failed aviators couldn't ...

And there you go, some time at work wasted and some laughs had. You're welcome. Now head home and grab a beer! You have earned it, sort of.

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