Viral Video Load: Bruce Willis’ Kid Friendly ‘Die Hard’ and More! … (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - March 29, 2013

Well hello there! Welcome to the Viral Video Load. Let's get you up to date on everything you need to see out there on the interwebs. From Bruce Willis making yet another Die Hard to what Psy presumably looked like as a child. These videos are so hot right now, like Britney Spears 2003 hot! Enjoy.

Bruce Willis' Kid Friendly Die Hard 6

At what point does Bruce Willis stop making these Die Hard films? Answer, never. They make a ton of money and fans desperately want more. So it is no shock that before the Easter holiday he churned out a kid friendly version to increase exposure and open the franchise to a whole new generation. And personally, I think this has the potential to be the best in the series yet ...

Theatre of Life

If you are like me, you love the AT&T "It's not complicated" commercials with the kids that are running non-stop everywhere these days. The straight man in the videos - Beck Bennett - is an improv genius, and turns out those advertisements aren't his first foray into the world of humor. Beck actually has an impressive YouTube channel full of other smart comedy, including sketches and more kids as well as a "Theatre of Life" series. In it, Beck and a friend sit in the sand of Venice Beach and belittle / mock passers-by with observational humor. Sounds petty and trivial - a la Tom Green back in his heyday - but it is actually quite funny ...

Juggling AND Solving Multiple Rubik's Cubes ...

Now here is a bastard that makes everyone else's accomplishments seem like nothing. I can hardly wake up in the morning let alone juggle, and as far as my Rubik's Cube skills - like my skills with the ladies - they are non existent. Enter this guy. Dude juggles three cubes while simultaneously solving each of them - and chatting up an Asian dude - in only a matter of minutes ... Some guys have all the luck!

Young Michael Jackson / Psy Hybrid

Remember when Michael Jackson was a kid? He was adorable. Remember when Psy was a kid? Neither do I, but I assume this kid is a hybrid of the two. Dancing, lip syncing, the kid has got it all, and an adorable little bow tie to boot!

Bad Boyfriend

Whoever said guys are like dogs may have been on to something. Sure, most guys are constantly scratching, most would lick themselves if they could, and like dogs, guys will hump most anything. Call me crazy, but I think the comparison stops there ... This video seems to disagree.

And there you go! You are well tapped into the latest going-ons about the internet. Unfortunately now it is back to work you go ...  Heigh-ho. Heigh-ho.

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