Vince Young to the Cardinals?

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bill-swift - December 11, 2012

Larry Fitzgerald must feel trapped. Here he is one of the best wide receivers of the day and he is stuck on one of the worst teams that the NFL has seen in years. He's not just on it; the man is under contract through the 2018 season making him an Arizona Cardinal for life.

All his talent means nothing--and he is one of the most talented wide receivers in the game-- if the team does not have a decent player at quarterback. Kevin Kolb had started to look the part before his ribs got seriously messed up. John Skelton didn't suck last year; this year is a different story. Ryan Lindley—well, the kid tried, but he is clearly out of his element.

So when you are one of the best wide receivers in the game, but you can't talk Kurt Warner out of retirement to throw you a few for old time sake what do you do? You cry, wish you got out when Anquan Boldin did, and then you call Vince Young.

Remember that guy? The former Tennessee Titans quarterback was last on Buffalo's roster, but was cut before the start of the regular season. Since then the 29-year old signal caller has been cooling his jets at home while hoping to get another chance (especially since he blew threw the millions he made playing already).

No one has called—or at least been serious since we haven't heard about it—so Young opted to take matters into his own hands. After watching the Cardinals offense wrack up a whopping 154 total yards, nine first downs, and commit eight turnovers he tweeted a little message to No. 11:

The blog-sphere has given Young some heat for appearing so desperate for a job, but if you think about it the move is brilliant.

He has to know that a loyal guy like Larry is not going to go to the coaches. That would be akin to stabbing his QBs in the back, and that is not his style. However, by sending the tweet he knows the rest of the World Wide Web is going to see it and writers, bloggers, journalists, and anyone else who thinks they have an audience is going to jump on it (right TO?).

Normally I don't take to being used like this unless there is a good steak and a long legged blond involved (okay, just the blonde and a cheeseburger), but in this case I don't mind.

Fitzgerald needs help; the world knows that. One of the best players in the league and potentially one of the best wide receivers of all time is going to waste because the team can't find a decent quarterback.

In his day Young could scramble pretty well making the sieve that is the Cardinals offensive line not as much of an issue. He's desperate so he'll take league minimum to play. It would give the fans something to watch for the last few games that might not make their stomachs churn

Young can't do any worse than anyone else the Cardinals have lined up so why not give him a try?

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