Vince Vaughn May Sign on for Season 2 of ‘True Detective’

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bill-swift - August 6, 2014

According to Variety, which has what real journalists like to call "sources," Vince Vaughn is in negotiations to star in Season 2 of HBO's smash hit limited series True Detective. And if this pans out, that's obviously some pretty fantastic news for Vaughn.

After a string of huge hits from 2003 through 2005 that includes Old School, Starsky & Hutch, Dodgeball, and The Wedding Crashers, Vaughn has hit a pretty serious drought that includes flops like Couples Retreat, The Watch, and The Internship. The man could definitely use a role that gives people a break from his fast-talking smart-ass schtick (and his laid back sidekick, Owen Wilson), and a show like True Detective, which brought on last year's McConnaissance—i.e., the renaissance of Matthew McConaughey—is perfect.

There's no word yet on what role Vaughn would play in Season 2 of True Detective, but we do know the show's producers are trying to rope in Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch (plus a female actor to be named later) to play detectives. So my money is on Vaughn playing the bad guy. Which would be fantastic. The guy couldn't hold a candle to Tony Perkins in 1998 Psycho remake, but he was still pretty damn creepy.

Stay tuned, True Detectives fans.