Vin Diesel’s ‘Fast and Furious 6’ Review

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bill-swift - May 24, 2013

Vin Diesel is perhaps as well-known for his eloquence as he is for his ant-man arm guns. During Fast and Furious 6's whirlwind press tour, Diesel gave Moviefone the most insightful, carefully constructed, and in-depth review of his new film. Here it is, in all of its erudition:

It's the best movie in the world and it's a love story and it's baller status.

Boom. The best movie in the world. Ever. Forget Empire Strikes Back, forget Citizen Kane, forget John Ford's entire catalog, or anything else. He does seem closer to the mark on it's baller status -- everything points to FF6 being an outstanding pre-summer blockbuster. It has an effin' tank chase and a car blasting out the front of a cargo plane -- that's baller. Albeit, I have no idea actually what baller means. I'm from the suburbs

Fast and Furious 6 opens tomorrow. It's a love story, guys...a love story.

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