Vietnam’s Batman Builds His Own Real-Life BatPod from Scratch (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 28, 2012

You saw everything that BatPod was capable of in The Dark Knight Rises, so no doubt building one of those things is going to be expensive.

Or is it?

A Vietnamese Batman (okay, he's not really Batman, but he's a local who happens to be one of Batman's biggest fans) built his own BatPod and it actually looks pretty good. Of course, it doesn't have the features of Bruce Wayne's on-screen BatPod, because, let's face it--some of them are decades ahead than what our currently technology would allow us.

What this guy did was take scraps of metal and forge it together to come up with this BatPod. It's out-of-this-world, truly one-of-a-kind, and it even has that spinning thing at the back, just to add to the whole effect.

The best part? It only cost him $480 to put the entire thing together. Check out the video above to see Vietnamese Batman take his BatPod for a spin. Who knows? It might just inspire you to build your own BatPod.