‘Videoball,’ Sport Of Kings, Now Has An Infomercial To Match

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chris-littlechild - July 15, 2016

  As my dear ol’ pa used to tell me at Little League, a sport is so much more than a game. He’d usually follow that up with ‘you catch like a freakin’ girl. And don’t get me started on the way you run, holy shit. I’m this close to disowning you, buddy boy,’ but that’s not really relevant to the subject at hand so I won’t mention it. Point being, it’s not just about throwing/kicking/running with a ball. Hell no.  

Sports are a way of life. You’ll find no more passionate soul than the ardent sports fan. You see him there in the stands, eating a novelty hat made of nachos with dip in the brim (all hail nacho hat), threatening to thrust a broken bottle into the referee’s gonads if a decision goes against his team. You see him, and you think, man, this guy’s dedicated. He’s committed. This lazy fatass with a beer belly on his beer belly, who apparently knows better than the millionaire athletes on the field, is my new hero.    

The ardent sports fan is the hero all sports deserve, and the one they need right now. Take Videoball, for instance, the new Greatest Team Game Ever. We’ve already ogled it in action, but now it’s hit Steam. The superfans are coming out of the woodwork, and the biggest fan of all? Unsurprisingly, it’s the creator of Videoball himself.

Tim Rogers, of developer Action Button Entertainment, has put together a twenty-minute infomercial to sell us all on the game. If you didn’t already want a piece of Videoball –which you totally did—you will do after watching this.

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