‘Videoball’ Isn’t Just The Best Sport Ever, It’s The Only One The World Needs

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chris-littlechild - June 8, 2016

  Sports games, as we know, are a hell of a big deal. If you think of one of the big names like Madden or FIFA Soccer, these are some hot ticket items right here. Like the immense, indestructible Call of Duty, they’re slapped into the ACME Game-Recycling-O-Matic machine annually, and lapped up.  

Millions of dollars are exchanged, everyone gets their game on, and EA or whoever cackle like Mr. Burns over their ill-gotten gains. There’s a little bitching here and there on the Internet about how little’s changed since last year’s release, but who’s counting? It’s all good.

The yearly cycle of sports titles isn’t going anywhere, really. Fans’ cash powers the development, which earns said cash, which powers the development. It’s like the circle of life, sans James Earl Jones as a badass lion. But my question is this: Why the hell is nobody playing the true sport of kings, Videoball?

The answer would be that the game isn’t released until July. So, in hindsight, I probably could have phrased that better. This is no time to be giving any effs about that, though, because you need to meet the world’s first real-time strategy shooting sports game.

‘Videoball will come out July 12 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam for $9.99. The Xbox One and Steam versions support six-player local multiplayer while the PlayStation 4 supports four players. All versions can support six players online and there's bot support across the board, as well as 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 modes,’ Destructoid reports. That's all you need to know, really. The trailer sure speaks for itself. Feast your eyes:

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