Victoria’s Secret Model Chanel Iman Don’t Need No Stinking Bras

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bill-swift - April 20, 2016

They don't just hand out the title Victoria's Secret model to any old person off the street. In fact, you need to be a young person. And equally as hot as the likes of Chanel Iman who even just promenading through LAX in a braless top looks like ten million bucks. Now that's a walking angel.

Victoria's Secret has done its very Dr. Evil best to contractually lock up every single uber-sextastic young 20-something with slender bodies and organically blessed petite funbags to some kind of performance and modeling contract. They used to have a half dozen angels. Now they have a stable of fifty of Earth's most desirable women under their shingle. I have to admire their business strategy which closely resembles my personal nighttime fantasy-scape of rounding up the same group for my giant hot tub skinny dipping parties. Chanel, you're killing me without your undergarments. As long as you're not using them, would you mind.... Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash