Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Not Nearly as Sextastic as a Gallery Full of Victoria’s Secret Models

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bill-swift - December 6, 2012

They aired the previously taped Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night on CBS, but we already brought you most of the good photos from the taping last month, and, let's be honest, as much as we respect the god-blessed work of the people at V.S. and really all lingerie makers everywhere, the show has become geared toward women more and more each year, as evidenced by the flowery costumes, dramatic staging, and inclusion of pop music stars. Honestly, when is the last time a man said he wished a hot model wore more feathers on the catwalk?

Still, while the show has gone Broadway, let us not forget the intensely sextastic underpinnings of the V.S. fashion line, that being, the literal angels who model the designs. From Miranda Kerr to Candice Swanepoel to Doutzen Kroes to Alessandra Ambrosio, some of the finest women don skimpy bits of silk and lace for the clothing retailer and we've capture a bunch of our favorites to share with you.

Rather than watch your DVR'd copy of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, peer through this gallery of some of the sexiest women on the planet in bras and panties and not much else. You'll thank me later. Enjoy.