Victoria Silvstedt White Bikini Pictures Earn Their Keep on Boyfriend’s Yacht Off of Monaco

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bill-swift - May 15, 2012

When you're Victoria Silvstedt, you've got one job to do. Make your rich boyfriend happy. That keeps the jewels coming and the cars and shopping cash and living the bikini life of luxury on the yacht in various ports of rich call around the globe. In this case, parked off the coast of Monaco, in between trips to St. Tropez.

And, well, Victoria Silvstedt is still doing her job quite well.

It's been ten years or more since Playboy PMOY notoriety but Victoria Silvestedt is still hanging in there with the big blonde hair, the big boobtastic and the flexible dancer type limber moves that make billionaire boyfriends very very happy. Enjoy.

  • Hey Bud says:

    Victoria has gotten way too skinny over the years, losing many of her nice curves

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