Victoria Silvstedt White Bikini in Saint Tropez

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bill-swift - August 26, 2017

Somebody has to spend their days at the beach of resort towns around the world. Victoria Silvstedt was built for this. Literally and figuratively.

The tall and buxom veteran hottie and former Playmate of the Year now in her Forties and Faptastic guise traverses the yachts and sands of various warm weather ports of call in tow or alone from her billionaire man-friend, ever showing off her tanned skin and the curves that made her famous and kept well. For the rest of us, ever a chance to freely ogle the former PMOY body in ever white or brightly colored bikinis.

St. Tropez is the current stop on her never ending world luxury tour. Would you have it any other way? If she worked underground toiling in the mines, we'd all suffer for the loss. No, this is better. The world's lust inducing women of sexual means need sashay in the public square, or occasionally South of France private beaches within peeking distance. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News