Victoria Silvstedt Cleavage and Swimwear in Sardinia

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aldo-vallon - August 14, 2017

 I would be lying if I claimed Victoria Silvstedt was not one of my top boyhood crushes of all time. I imagine I am not alone in that either. The woman is the living embodiment of every Swedish stereotype there is. Well, except of course the ones about the murderous Vikings. Even if she were to take on that one as well I would give her a pass for old times sake. Her performance in Out Cold will immortalize her in the spank banks of youths for generations. She was totally robbed of an Oscar that year, in my honest opinion. She totally transformed for that role. Before she was a small, flat-chested, brunette, but look at her now. Even Daniel Day-Lewis gives up the act once filming is over, but fifteen years later she is still going strong.  

It feels like a bit of an understatement to label what is going on between her boobs as cleavage. That would be like calling the Grand Canyon a simple valley. She has two lifesaving airbags bolted to her chest so I think she is owed a little more respect. The Grand Cleavage of Victoria Silvstedt will go down in history as one of the greats.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News