Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Butt Adjustments Are Ever-Fascinating

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bill-swift - August 7, 2012

The woman knows how to work it, even when she's not on the clock.

Professional girlfriend extraordinaire Victoria Silvstedt put on a bikini show of epic proportions aboard, what else, a yacht, off the coast of Sardinia, offering up her usually grade-A peek at her bodacious boobtastic, and throwing in a patented Silvstedt bottom bikini adjustment complete with bare-arsed view and a good solid shower squirting (all other squiring jokes intentionally omitted).

Victoria Silvstedt has taken past career stabs at acting, singing, TV hosting, and a number of other professional pursuits, but let's be honest, looking hot in a bikini on the deck of a yacht is her true working girl skill, and she works it well. Enjoy.