Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Bright and Cleavetastic for Easter in Miami

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bill-swift - April 22, 2014

Victoria Silvstedt is soon to be the senior circuit of the worldwide models showing off their incredibly bodacious bodies in Miami, especially over the Easter weekend when the place was packed with so much female form talent from around the world. But just like those Senior PGA guys show up to the majors and often startle the young'ins with their still rather noteworthy gifts, so too is Victoria still winning the ogles of many gentleman even as she approaches the big 4-0 this year.

Sure, you are born, and or helped along the way, with an amazing bikini body and good looks. But there's something to be said for two decades of professional showing off that can't easily be matched by the up and comers, for all their ambition and boobtastic talents. Victoria still has quite a bit of juice left in the tank of the sextastic. You don't just get a billionaire older boyfriend for having the platinum blonde hair. The competition is fierce. Enjoy.

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