Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Booty Propped Up on a Paddle Board in St. Barth’s

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bill-swift - January 13, 2015

I do so love a good Swedish Playmate of the Year veteran bikini booty in the morning.

So maybe your winter vacation doesn't last all year long as it does for Victoria Silvstedt. If you were her mature age and looking like she does on all fours on a paddle board, you too would probably be delighting in an super extended blonde tropical getaway to St. Barth's. But, for most of us, it is but to ponder and ogle and wonder how such an extraordinarily alluring bikini body lingers on this Nordic statuesque delight. The paddle board really did add some level of tingle.

Victoria Silvstedt is many things. But one thing she is not is easy to avoid jerking your neck to leer at in a bikini. That's a skill set she's refined now over almost twenty years of only slightly trying. I'd let her borrow my board any day. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash