Victoria Justice Super Hot Photoshoot

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michael-garcia - October 24, 2016

Ridiculously hot Victoria Justice was looking particularly amazing in some tight revealing leather for Kode Magazine. I just saw that Rocky Horror Picture Show special she was in on Fox and it was truly terrible. The only thing that got me through it was the fact that Victoria is in her underwear for most of it. Those delightfully plump knockers looked great bouncing around in nothing but a bra. Here she wears only some strategically placed hair to cover her yumyums. She's also got a truly incredible pair of legs that are stunning coming out of the bottom of that revealing leather skirt and high boots. I'm no leather fetishist, but I do like a woman in some skin tight leather.

Victoria  is the kind of woman that makes a man want to settle down and buy a house in the suburbs and raise 2.2 kids. I wouldn't mind that kind of life if I got to love and squeeze those funbags every night. 


Photo Credit: Kode Magazine

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