Victoria Justice Steals The Show In See-Through Dress

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aldo-vallon - December 5, 2018

I am fairly certain Victoria Justice stole the pattern for her dress from a church confessional booth. She needs to be careful wearing it around town. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Catholic Church had that trademarked. The big C does not take kindly to people infringing upon them.

I was always confused about why they had a screen in those confessionals that could easily be seen through. I would have liked a bit more anonymity because of the things I was confessing. Like, if Victoria Justice’s boobs were not wearing that blindfold I would be able to see them clear as day. If only I had thought to wear a blindfold when I confessed maybe I would not have been excommunicated. They claimed it was for my blogging, but I know the truth.

This is one of the few instances where high-riding underwear is a viable option. It does not feel prudish since the dress is already see-through. A prude would never wear something like that. They might even double up with the underwear just to be safe. You don’t want anyone to mistake a wrinkle of the fabric for camel toe.



Photo Credit: Backgrid USA