Victoria Justice Sheer Hotness For amFAR Gala

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bill-swift - June 10, 2016

Victoria Justice will never be the showoff we had hoped for when she graduated from Nickelodeon school to full fledged adult sextastic celebrity. It simply isn't who she is. We've come to accept that. I mean, it took a ton of therapy and at least three survival walks along jagged mountain tops facing death at every turn and rise, but it finally sunk in. So with the ridiculously hot brunette we take what we can get, and at the amFAR gala we got a whole lot of decked out hotness from the casually seductive sweetheart.

Victoria can basically steal any red carpet she wants. Rather than donning her Nick coverup outfits, just hit up the place in a shiny sheer gown showing off some skin and looking like a billion dollars. All the cameras instinctively turn toward her shining allure. It's just reflex. Victoria, if you ever got down to the business of being in the mood to tease half naked, many of us would die happy in very compromised positions. Just saying, that road more traveled is out there for you. I'm the guy at the entrance waving you in vigorously. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash