Victoria Justice In Tight Jeans And Top On “Eye Candy” Set

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bill-swift - September 17, 2014

Victoria Justice was looking smoking hot in a pair of tight jeans and a low cut top on the set of the upcoming film Eye Candy in Brooklyn. She was sporting a pair of super tight hipster jeans, the kind that are so tight that if worn by a man let you see what religion are. Luckily, this time they just hug Victoria's amazing curves and long legs. I do enjoy a woman in tight jeans. There is just something casually sexy and, dare I say it, quintessentially American about it. But let's talk about how amazing her ta-tas look in that top. She's wearing one of those bras that push everything up to create maximum cleavage action. Victoria has quite a tremendous rack. It's one of the best in the biz, as an old timey agent might say.

I don't know what this movie is but I'm definitely going to go see it if it has Victoria wearing tight clothes and skimpy tops. That makes any movie better and I should know I went to film school.