Victoria Justice Going on Tour

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bill-swift - April 3, 2013

Perhaps there's no finer example of our barely legal disappointment than what has become of brunette hottie Victoria Justice since become a woman. It's not that we expect every girl to throw off the shackles of proper female raising when they come of age, it's just that anybody who's ever spent time around college dorms knows that girls can and do get every bit as unbridled in their late teen years as boys. But not Victoria Justice, who seems quite content sitting under the cork tree in her G-rated persona. Alas,

But, hope springs eternal, as does hotness, and we combine the two in our continued ogling of the sweet starlet and at least her legs, as she is willing to show them, on stage in her announcement yesterday that she's going on summer tour with Big Time Rush. Which I suppose means something to screaming young girls. But we mostly just want to see Victoria Justice skin. Then I will personally scream louder than 10,000 young girls. Enjoy.


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