Victoria Justice and Vanessa Hudgens All Dolled Up? Yes, Please!

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bill-swift - February 14, 2013

I'm not exactly sure how it's Fashion Week again in New York, I'm pretty sure they now have one about thirty-seven times a year, which would be hella annoying save for the fact that these events do bring out some of our favorite little lust-inducing celebrities, including ones we rarely get to see anymore, including the often-gone, but never forgotten, Victoria Justice, in just about the raciest thing you'll ever see her wear (which isn't very racy at all, but Victoria typically does dress akin to a burqa from the conservative burqa line). And when you throw in the fact that her little pal, sweet treat Vanessa Hudgens joined her in pimping some clothing line or another in fancy style, well, we now have something that a man dragged along to Fashion Week could really sink his peeps into.

We do so miss Victoria Justice and what might have been, or, maybe, what someday will become, as Victoria Justice has ever so slowly, slowly, slowly, been showing a bit more skin of late, as at the Teen Vogue Awards last week when we caught some serious legs...

...but Victoria really needs to speed it up. So much passion potential, but being the most innocent woman in America isn't exactly the job we had wished for her to seek out after turning eighteen. Enjoy.

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