Victoria Clay, Tallia Storm, and Natasha Grano World Class Hotties At A Disney’s Little Mermaid Event

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aldo-vallon - June 2, 2018

I cannot think of three more fitting people to have at a Little Mermaid event than the ones I see before me. Tallia Storm is clearly Ariel. With her fiery red hair she is going to be type casted into those roles, but she should be happy about it this time. Ariel is the main character, if she did not want that one then she would have to be the crab, and that does not carry good connotations. If I had to pick a spirit animal I would stay far away from anything to do with crabs.

I do not know what roles Victoria and Natasha could fill, I am just glad they came along. The chance to see Victoria Clay in some butt hugging pants and Natasha putting her girls on full display is too good to miss. If Disney is looking for actresses to fill the roles of a live performance at the park then they could do no better than these three. Natasha and Victoria would might only be able to play set pieces, like rocks or a tree, but they would be the best damn set pieces that money could buy.


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA