Victoria Beckham Won’t Let Daughter Wear Old Spice Girl Outfits

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elliot-wolf - October 21, 2018

The Beckham family is a little off. But that’s to be expected whenever a soccer superstar marries a Spice Girl. That union is pineapples on pizza, it should have never happened, but it did and here we are. Victoria Beckham is forbidding her daughter from ever wearing her old Spice Girls outfits. My only guess on why this is even an issue is because Halloween is coming up and she doesn’t want her seven-year-old in a skimpy outfit asking strangers for handouts until she hits the jackpot. You know, just like her mother. Victoria’s willingness to show more skin as a Spice Girl is the reason why she’s peripheral relevant these days. The only other Spice Girl anyone knows is Mel B and that’s only because her spirit struggles between being a sex addict and psuedo MeToo survivor in the same body.

Victoria Beckham might’ve gotten her start in the Spice Girls, but she’s not about to let daughter Harper follow in her footsteps.

The designer, 44, revealed that when she recently revisited some of her most iconic looks from her pop star days, they were a bit more risqué than she remembered.

“I was amazed by how naked the costumes were, I have to say,” she told former Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive during an episode of the Barneys Podcast. “I used to go out with not a lot of clothing on, Cindi.”“

She’s(daughter) like, ‘Wow mummy, you used to wear really short skirts,'” Beckham said. “‘Yes I did, Harper, and no, you’re not going to.’ It’s that classic ‘do as I say, don’t do as I do.'”

I hope by the love of god that Brooklyn Beckham has never asked to wear his father’s cup. To be honest, I don’t think David is really involved in anything that goes on in his household. His wife gets bullied by gay men for her lackluster fashion designs, and his son messed up his relationship Madison Beer because he chose Instagram fame over her. In hindsight, a mormon-esqe polygamist situation with every member of t.a.T.u. seems like it would have been better for David in the long run than the foolish decision to marry and mate with one Posh Spice.

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