Victoria Beckham Corsets for Elle

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bill-swift - June 17, 2016

Victoria Beckham has made a modeling career out of looking aloof or askance or unimpressed. Something, anything other than happy or pleased or smiling. It's worked for her to the tune of some inordinate gobs of money, so I'm hardly one to judge. Though it would be interesting if for six months or some period of time she was forced to do precisely the opposite and be the happy go lucky grinning rich MILFtastic and see how that works out for her. Perhaps it would ruin her career. I can't say I know what the fashionista people are looking for when they go about taking pretty women and try to make them look more serious and produced.

Despite the ten thousand mile gaze, you can't be leer at the likes of Victoria in corsets and shimmering body suits for Elle Hong Kong. She truly is somebody who garners many eyeballs, especially in a little hint of naughty wear. She's a slender model type, but she's got that special something that has not only caught the interest of magazine editors, but obviously famous men with many options in their companionship. Good for her. Good for us. Next time, corsets and smiles, Victoria. Together, we can do this. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Elle Hong Kong