Veteran Hot Bikini Peeks From Sky Sports Hostess Kristy Gallacher

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bill-swift - January 30, 2016

If you don't hail from Jolly Old it's possible you're not familiar with the now Forties and Faptastic Britty Sky Sports TV hostess hottie Kristy Gallacher. Well, time to get acquainted. It's not as if your nation invented putting how women into their sports programs.

Kristy was picked to pimp some kind of health product that involved her stripping down to a bikini wherein she showed off her veteran sextastic two piece hotness and sold a shizz ton of whatever it is she says will make you look and feel like her at forty. Put me down for a dozen cases. Two dozen if Kristy hand delivers wearing one of those bikinis. I'm a practical man with impractical desires. Sports reporter you say? This could catch on. Enjoy.

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We've always admired New York Knicks sport reporter Jill Martin's reporting skills.

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