Vanessa Hudgens Wicked Hot For Harper’s Bazaar

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bill-swift - December 8, 2012

I don't think it's fair to label Vanessa Hudgens as an underrated hottie, but let's call her an under the radar hottie. Maybe it's because of her short stature, or her Disney background, but she often doesn't get serious consideration in 'Hottest' categories when such matters are arbitrarily decided. But ever since her days of cellphone picturing her own naughty self, Vanessa has grown from just a naughty young cutie into a real live sextastic grown petite woman.

Featured in the Arabia edition of Harper's Bazaar this month, the brunette beauty gets a little artsy and stylish, but underneath it all, literally, is one little sexy minx we'd like to get to know better. Or as good as you can get to know somebody in like four minutes and thirty seconds betwixt the sheets. Let's give Vanessa her due. Enjoy.