Vanessa Hudgens Sextastic Lady in Red

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bill-swift - August 28, 2017

If it wasn't perfectly clear before, it is now. The MTV VMA's, for as idiotic as they are in 99 out of 100 elements, they do bring together and drive a boatload and bevy of boobtastic beauties come out to play for the high profile weekend. MTV doesn't even show music videos anymore. Stop asking questions. The hot girls might go aware.

Vanessa Hudgens joined the array of alluring ladies out for the weekend of brand promotion and consumerism tied to music, donning a red hot little number that showed off her stellar worked out body. We see Vanessa hitting the gym nearly daily, so you know while genetically blessed she always sweats for that smoking hot female form. And why do all that work if not to wear something low cut and revealing when the big moment arrives. That's rhetorical. 

Vanessa has been on the down low of late with her sweet petite hot body. In hiding of sorts. Perhaps tired of all the cameras and attention. I hope she'd realized the negative impact that has on our lives and has changed her mind. This Lady in Red thing is a great start to the comeback. Lady Out of That Red Dress would be the next step. Binoculars and heart medication at the ready. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News