Vanessa Hudgens Legs Introduce the Legs of Younger Sister Stella Hudgens

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bill-swift - April 29, 2011

One can only hope that sexy Vanessa Hudgens is mentoring her younger sister Stella Hudgens in the ways of the world as she comes of age as a TV starlet in her own right. Specifically, how to choose spiteful and jealous friends, how to operate your cell phone camera with one hand, and how to have just enough cocktails to want to use it. Granted, we're still a couple years away from Stella hitting the age where older sister Vanessa began her personally exposing journey on camera, but younger siblings can be so precocious.

In either event, both Hudgens sister, older and younger, flashed their signature family legs coming out of a stressful afternoon of shopping and mall hopping, giving another nice indication of soon to be summer wear on all of our favorite sexy celebrities being just around the corner. Enjoy.