Vanessa Hudgens Has the Longest Hottest Legs for a Short Girl in Hollywood

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bill-swift - November 3, 2012

We used to think it was her good friend Ashley Tisdalewho has the longest legs on a short girl in Hollywood, but now we're inclined to believe, and to drool over the fact that Vanessa Hudgens at 5'3" might just have the longest, if not hottest, legs in Tinsel Town for a girl her size.

As you know, Vanessa has been competing somewhat fierce with her fellow Spring Breakers co-ed co-stars as to who looks the most sextastic at their various premiere and promotional events around the steamy bikini film upcoming, so she's been hitting the gym hard, and hitting her boyfriend hard, and the result seems to be a near perfect set of gams that she's not afraid to show daily. Enjoy.