Vanessa Hudgens Glammed Up For Flirty Fun At The Celebrity Experience Red Carpet

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aldo-vallon - August 16, 2018

Celebrity experience? How much do the fans get to actually experience when the celeb is up on the stage and surrounded by what I assume to be armed guards, which I concede is for good reasons. There are certainly some freaks out there. If I was head of security I would contact whoever made the popemobile and get him to outfit that chair with a hefty amount of bulletproof glass. She is already out of arms reach, how much more removed would the glass make her feel?

My point is, the experience in celebrity experience should really be in quotes. I concede that she is in fact a celebrity, but to experience something I think it also needs to touch you. Although, maybe Vanessa is taking the “touch” definition to be a bit more metaphorical.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience touched a lot of people, which is why there have never been protests over the band name. I suppose if some people had their souls fondled by Vanessa then that does constitute a valid usage of the word as well. I rarely get fondled by anyone, so whether Vanessa did it metaphorically or literally I wouldn’t have much reason to complain.


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Photo Credit: Splash News