Vanessa Hudgens Crop Top and Leggings for Post Gym Peeks

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bill-swift - December 23, 2017


Vanessa Hudgens may be a Bohemian at heart, but the necessities of her work life mean she must often put aside her counter-culture tendencies for such things as strapping on the crop top and leggings and hitting the gym for squats, drops, and leg spreaders. That latter name I came up with myself. I'm not sure the machine reads the same way.

By way of disclosure, Vanessa and I attend the same gym. Though she goes daily and I visit every leap year. I'd go more often if I wasn't constantly being thrown out for leering at the lovely lady body likes of Vanessa in her stretch pants and bare belly. She's a workout princess. Petite sweetheart with one fine female form.

Don't let the jacket and hat and sunglasses fool you. This is one finely tuned aerobics gym bodied faptastic woman. Maybe she's not the best actress or singer, but damned if that matters. You should see the woman do leg press. I die. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News / Instagram