Vanessa Hudgens Continues Her Poolside Heavy Petting Sessions in Miami

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bill-swift - January 4, 2012

It's nice to see Vanessa Hudgens back in action. Not the totally fun kind as she's shown us in the past with her own self-published personal pictures, but, still, getting quite randy with her High School Musical spinoff show TV actor boyfriend down by the hotel pool in Miami over the holiday (we did try to exclude the super-glued boyfriend as best possible).

The good news of course remains that a silly, goofy, in love, and potentially margarita-induced-in-love Vanessa Hudgens is of course going to want to take some photos of herself for when her man is out of town, and, of course, she'll just have to share those photos with her devious girlfriends, one of whom secretly holds a grudge against her and ...voila! We're waiting. Enjoy.