Vanessa Hudgens and Little Sis Stella Hudgens Go Sorority Sextastic at the Gym

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bill-swift - October 3, 2012

We know Vanessa Hudgens has been fine tuning her form for all the Spring Breakers bikini work she just did, and for all the Spring Breakers promos she's doing these next few months, pitting her body up against her specially formed co-stars. And, now, blessedly, Vanessa is getting younger sister Stella Hudgens into the act.

Now, despite Stella Hudgens being a TV starlet in her own burgeoning right, because of her still not quite legal years, we have to be very delicate about any comments related to her sweaty body appearance, and, for sure, when we make sweet tender sloppy monkey love to her older sister, Stella will have to merely peek in through the keyhole. At least, that's how it goes in our thrice weekly daydream. Enjoy.