Is Vanessa Hudgens Yoga Routine Giving Her Bigger Boobs?

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bill-swift - September 14, 2010

Last month for my girlfriend's mom's 30th birthday party, she insisted we all go try out this Bikram yoga workout. It's those places where you down-dog in 100-degree heat and it's supposed to clear your body of all its horrible toxins. All I remember is the smell of ripe feet. I suppose that was the toxins being released because it surely made me ill. Having said that, the idea of being trapped in a tiny sweaty space with super sexy Vanessa Hudgens is rather appealing, especially since her daily yoga routines seem to making her boobs grow. Vanessa Hudgens used to be quite petite on her second story, now her upper deck seems to be expanding. Her new value-sized fun bags kind of makes my yoga mat unfurl, if you know what I'm saying. Enjoy.