Vanessa Bryant and 6 More of the Worst NBA WAGs

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bill-swift - August 17, 2012

Vanessa Bryant is making headlines with her quote about how she couldn't be married to a guy in the NBA if he wasn't winning championships every year. It's kind of dumb, because nobody wins championships every year, and plenty of guys were great players and never got a ring.

That's beside the point. The fact that she's speaking up and being annoying made us think of other terrible wives and girlfriends of NBA players. What is it about these women that makes them think they're stars because they're banging NBA players? It's weird. Just take a look at 'Basketball Wives' and you'll see some of the most vapid, self-important and terrible people.

So it's no surprise that several of the ladies in this list also populate that show. Blech.

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