Vacationing Emily Ratajkowski Is Seriously Bodylicious

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earl-jonas - June 21, 2017


Emily Ratajkowski is currently heating things up in Italy with her other half Jeff Magid. While he undoubtedly gets to see more of Emily than us, she's assuaging our fomo my sharing ridiculously sexy snap on Instagram. It's like a scrapbook, but ya know, a fapbook. 

Ratajkowski greets her 13.6 million Instagram followers wearing a flirty bikini while lounging oceanside before swapping it out for a skimpy-as-they-come thong for more cocktails on a boat ride. We also get to see the supermodel air out her unmentionables on a balcony in an arty black and white picture, as well as deliver a flirty pose in a bathroom with the caption "Monday on set in Italia." Hmm, what could she be shooting? Needless to say, this girl doesn't make us miss a moment.

Head to the gallery to see Ratajkowski Cinque Bare-a in Cinque Terre...


Photo Credit: Instagram