V. Stiviano in Short Shorts Shopping Chanel

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bill-swift - June 3, 2014

For those not familiar with the Chanel store, it's like Target if you add a couple zeroes to all the merchandise pricing. I once purchased some kind of silly scarf there for a girlfriend and it cost me what I will practically call, 88 pairs of tube socks. But it was worth it because we were so happy for until the following week when she told me I lacked something she liked to practically call, a real job. Such is life.

I bet V. Stiviano would be an easier girlfriend to have. Well, let's say, less complicated in arrangement. For all the taunts and jeers and mostly deserved ridicule of the 'public relations' specialist, I can't deny that if I were an elderly billionaire and a girl in these shorts and Barbie top offered to help me organized my private office, I would tell her, sounds good, come around about midnight and use the backdoor. I'd be an ethical old billionaire, though still, thinking with my little millionaire. Enjoy.