V. Stiviano Braless In a Tank Top Leaving 1 Oak Nightclub

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bill-swift - May 20, 2014

Hottie and Donald Sterling sex partner V. Stiviano forgot her bra when she went out on the town. She was spotted at the 1 Oak nightclub wearing a tank-top with plenty of sideboob on display. Her girls are too huge to be contained by something as flimsy as a piece of fabric. Say what you want about her scandal, her funbags are scandal proof. She also had some pretty banging cleavage action as well. V. also has a pretty amazing booty that is hugged just so by her tight jeans. I fully approve of this outfit. I'm of the opinion that a rack like hers needs to be seen as much as possible. To hide those perfect ta-tas behind too many layers is a sin. Yeah, I said it, a sin. And I don't want to be party to sin, do you?

In a way the best result of the whole Donald Sterling thing is that it brought V. into the spotlight. For this I am eternally grateful to Donnie.

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