Utimate Tak Ball: Because Sports Have Been Lacking Stun Guns

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michael-garcia - March 6, 2012

Are you like me, about ten hours into your Saturday sports watching when you think to your half-inebriated self, "Man, this game would be so much better if the players could taze the shit out of each other." Well, glory, glory, our prayers have been answered. Ultimate Tak Ball (formerly Ultimate Tazer Ball, natch) has dared to go where no other sport has gone before -- handing out weapons to the players. (Granted, NBA stars keep weapons in their lockers, but this is gat in waistband on the court.)

UTB is played by teams of four with a giant medicine ball.  The players run and pass the ball down the field to score, while their opponents try to electrocute them long enough to tackle and steal the ball. Currently, there are four teams in the league, the Philadelphia Killawatts, the San Diego Spartans, the Toronto Terror and the Los Angeles Nightlight. The league's founders are hoping to score a TV deal, check out the video and see if you think they have a shot.

Article by Eric Gray

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