Utah Teacher Who Mounted Three Students Gets Hard Time

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jhanson - January 26, 2017

It's unclear at what point one becomes a cougar, but usually it's that precise moment when you throw caution to the wind and make it plainly known to strange men that you're down to get fucked. Like right now. Brianne Altice was 34 years old when she was arrested three years ago for fucking three of her students at a Utah high school. In appearance, it seems she's made the transition to cougar. There needs to be a scientific study on what young cum can do for your circulation and skin. The Chinese no doubt put it in their tea, and most of them look pretty spry.

Altice has been sentenced to thirty years in prison, with a minimum of two years. The then victims were 16 and 17 years of age. As if they weren't flogging themselves on a daily basis and weren't more familiar with BDSM than their teacher, thanks to PornHub. 17 years old, that's rape. One year later, in theory, one day later, and it's legal to take a trip to Cabo and do a foursome with Derrick Rose and his body guards? Doesn't make any sense. You shouldn't be allowed to fuck your students. If they're boys and past puberty, you should be fired, mocked in the town square, divorce your husband and join the carnival. There is no crime here. Two of the supposed victims are suing Altice in civil court. What are your damages, a lifetime of spank bank material? This country has really lost its way. This woman is a hero, and this should have been addressed in the Women's March with several witty signs. 

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