Upstart Model Yara Khmidan Amazing Lingerie Hotness

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bill-swift - May 23, 2016

Ukrainian born hottie model Yara Khmidan is hurdling upwards in the ranks of modeling, in large part due to being super hot and super model worthy. Also, that lithesome body of hers that seems more than born to be modeling tiny little bits of silk and lace for the general ogling audience. Lingerie posing and preening is not a science, it's an art. You can take all the painting classes you like, if you weren't born with a little Picasso or Monet in you, it'll just be a painting, never a masterpiece. The same goes for the sextastic, it's more born than reared, though let's not discount the inspirational advice tapes I mail unsolicited to the hottest young women around the world.

Yara's latest work is laid back in lingerie for Free People wherein she reminds us that the woman makes the underwear, not the other way around. A ridiculously hot woman in granny panties is good by me. I can do elastic, just not clasps or buckles. Yara, please don't ever stop being the best sweet hot lingerie model you can be. The world has enough astronauts. This is your benevolent calling. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Free People