Unhappy National Grouch Day, Jerks

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bill-swift - October 16, 2013

Today is National Grouch Day, the day we celebrate the grouchy grouch in us all. Grouchiness has been on the rise lately, from the popularity of Grumpy Cat to the entire U.S. Government, being a miserable bastard is all the rage. Some might call the grouch a pessimist. Not so. The grouch simply sees life for what it is: an endless litany of crap that is only interrupted by the sweet release of death. The holiday started on Sesame Street with the king of grouchiness, Oscar the Grouch. It was the genius of Jim Henson to create a character who hated everything and lived in a trashcan to counterbalance the unending optimism of Big Bird.

Watch this video and then, scram!

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