Underrated Hottie: Kristen Wiig, Funny, Sexy, My Lady (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - September 26, 2016


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While basking in the glow of the Hottest of the Hot video series, I'd be neglectful if I didn't occasionally mention the underrated hotties of our era. Not necessarily models who are ridiculously sextastic and merely haven't caught on yet worldwide. But the girl next door or overlooked ladies of our era, talented in one field, and that's almost held agains them in the the consideration of blood flowing allure.

For instance, veteran comedian and actress Kristen Wiig, quietly racking up a super impressive film career post SNL years. Including currently Masterminds opening this week.

But not just funny ha-ha comedies. She's impressive. She also floats my boat in ways perhaps some of her more obvious or younger female industry peers never can. Perhaps it's her talent or accomplishment and or the fact that she seems like she'd be a funny girlfriend, but my hots for Kristen Wiig needs to be express, in video form. And other ways the FCC has not yet allowed me to share.

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