Uma Thurman Comes Up Big in the Drop Dead Sexy Department for Harper’s Bazaar

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bill-swift - January 20, 2012

As you know, one of the hurdles of martyrdom I suffer for thee is the collecting of the women's magazines at the doorsteps to my pied-à-terre each month as the neighborhood school children taunt me with all types of hurtful remarks. But once inside the safety of my Ikea furnished domicile, the virtually bloodying at the hands of those pre-pubescent rogues all becomes quite worthwhile as I rediscover the classy looks of oh so many world-class hotties.

Uma Thurman is one of those rough and tumble, unique looking celebrities not afraid to look brutally bleak on camera, and therefore might get herself a less than glamorous reputation at times in the Hottieville press. But when the lean, lanky, Boston native turns up the classic hotness dial to sexy 10, she definitely brings out the super modeling chops that got her first noticed as a teen. In her latest pictorial for Harper's Bazaar, Uma doth turn that dial.

There are so many sexy celebrities out there, we often lose track of some of our unique looking favorites, including Uma Thurman. Glad to see her once more. Enjoy.